View of a large kitchen with wrap-around counters

Advice For Buyers & Sellers: What You Need to Know Going Into The Fall Market

The autumn market in San Francisco always goes by rather quickly. By late September, people are done vacationing, children have returned to school, and attention is turned back to real estate. From listing advantages to reduced competition and increased inventory, autumn can be an excellent time to make a move before the holiday season. Here are a few things to consider if you wish to buy or sell this fall.

View of the kitchen at 207 Chenery Street

Advice for Buyers

  1. Don't believe all the high-interest rates the media is hyping: I have two transactions right now where buyers are getting 30 Year Fixed Rates at 4-4.25%. Also, adjustable mortgages for 7 or 10 years are in the high 3% range. So there are some very favorable financing options readily available. 
  2. Buying at or below the asking price:  My last two buyer deals were at or below the listing price.
  3. Way, way less competition: MAYBE you'll compete with another offer
  4. Trade Up: Fall is the perfect market to move up from a Condo to House or a Small House to a Larger House

Front exterior street view of 717 Cole Street

Advice for Sellers

  1. Pristine presentation is everything: High-end staging and top-notch marketing matter a lot when you want to get the most for your investment
  2. Don't hold out for the Spring: The future is never certain; prices in our local market may be lower in 2023
  3. Price Smart: The listing price needs to reflect an intelligent value to obtain the highest price