A row of homes on a San Francisco street

San Francisco Market Was Hot in January

The San Francisco market for homes and well-priced condos has been on fire in January. The buyer pool has caught up to these exorbitant low-interest rates. Multiple offers and bids 10-15% over the asking price are winning the day (again). Please reach out to me via text or phone via 415-298-3564 for this week's tales from the trenches...JD


Graph showing the average 30 year mortgage rate


Benchmark Mortgage Rate Inches Down
Short-Term Rate Drops

The average rate for a benchmark 30-year mortgage is 2.73 percent. This equates to 78 basis points or over 20 percent – less than half of the 30 year average for the 30-year rate (which is 5.91 percent).

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Illustration of people walking

A History Lesson for all the People Saying San Francisco is 'Over'

With the latest news coverage of an alarming mass exodus from San Francisco, take a look back at all the times people have fled the city, why they left, and whether the city’s soul departed with them.

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View of Yosemite fire-fall

Want to Witness the Yosemite Firefall? Reservations on Sale Now

At the end of each February, thousands of photographers and spectators congregate to the park to witness the Yosemite fire-fall, a natural phenomenon that briefly occurs when the setting sun hits Horsetail Falls. 

You’ll need to act quickly if you want to snap a picture-reservations are selling fast.

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