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Q1 Brought High Sales Volume and High Buyer Demand

The high sales volume and high buyer demand have made for a great Q1 in the San Francisco area. Please reach out to me at 415-298-3564 for this week's Tales From The Trenches. 

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San Francisco Spring Report

Q1 2021 saw high buyer demand and high sales volumes, far above Q1 2020.

Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2020

Median house sales price up 6.5%, Home sales volume up 60%, Luxury house sales up 51%, Luxury condo sales up 39%

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San Franciscans Still Live in 1906 Earthquake Shacks. Here's Why They Matter More Than Ever

115 years after the disaster, there are fewer than 50 refugee shacks identified in the city. Those that remain are a symbol of civic vision and post-crisis rebirth, designed to house the displaced workers who built back San Francisco better than ever.

Two people converse outside of a house
San Francisco natives stand on the sidewalk as they visit 1227 24th Avenue, a San Francisco City Landmark and a homemade up of three Type-A and one Type B 1906 earthquake refugee cottages after reading about its existence in San Francisco, California. | Stephen Lam | The San Francisco Chronicle


Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Experience art like never before – lose yourself in 300,000 cubic feet of flawless projections animating Vincent van Gogh’s oeuvre. Wander through entrancing, moving images that highlight brush strokes, detail, and color – truly illuminating the mind of the genius.

People standing in a room looking at the walls which are covered in art by Van Gogh’s
 The “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibit | Vladimir Kevorkov