A street in the Buena Vista neighborhood, featuring palm trees and a large white house

Buena Vista


With some overlap into Asbury Heights, Buena Vista is a small community and one of San Francisco's many neighborhoods built upon a steep hill, thus providing cinematic, jaw-dropping views of the city. A predominately upscale residential area, many of the homes are traditional Edwardian and Victorian architectural styles. Scattered throughout the community are more modern architectural homes that blend well with the classic San Francisco styles.

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Aptly named for its spectacular panoramic views of San Francisco, Buena Vista is a charming neighborhood. With palm trees abound, Buena Vista has a unique, lush, and uber tropical vibe. 

View of trees and a sign that says Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Park: Established in 1867, Buena Vista was surprisingly the first official park in San Francisco. Loved for its secluded feeling and winding trails, the park is home to one of the city's few remaining oak woodlands. The park offers a variety of vantage points to observe panoramic views while providing a network of trails and a playground – providing the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and family. 

Architecture: The arrangement of charming Victorian and Edwardian homes is a delight. Being surrounded by the classic architecture makes visitors feel like they have stepped back in time – half expecting to see a lady with bustle and parasol out for a stroll, but instead, a skateboarder might wiz past.


Buena Vista is within walking distance to many neighboring districts with chic boutiques, bars, restaurants, cafes, vintage clothing stores, home décor shops, and music venues. Gamescape is a trendy spot for the entire Bay Area and offers an unparalleled array of games, events, tournaments, and a ton of collective gaming know-how. Public transportation is plentiful and makes accessing downtown and other parts of the city easy.

Food & Beverage

  • Ragazza

  • Vinyl Coffee and Wine Bar

  • Falletti Foods


Coffee & Entertainment 

  • Sightglass Coffee

  • Ritual Coffee Roasters

  • Gamescape


Parks & Nearby Communities

  • Buena Vista Park

  • Ashbury Heights

  • Cole Valley

Buena Vista Properties

4 Ashbury Terrace, San Francisco Photo

Sold: Buena Vista

Elegant Craftsman View-Home

39 Delmar St, San Francisco Photo

Sold: Buena Vista

Two-Level Edwardian View Condo

227 Central Ave - Buyer Rep, San Francisco Photo

Sold: Buena Vista

Spacious Victorian Masterpiece


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